The Commander Series

The Commander Series Novels and Ancillary Books

The Commander series consists of 7 main novels and a large selection of companion side novels and ancillary titles.  These are the first books in the Transforms universe; the events in these books occur before the events depicted in the Cause series.  Clicking on the title caption sends you to the book page in the Kindle store.

The first novel in the series, where the Transform universe starts, is "Once We Were Human" (free in the Kindle store).  It follows a normal mid-1960's housewife, Carol Hancock, who contracts an rare disease termed Transform Sickness, which changes her body into something new and dangerous...

The Commander Series Novels

Once We Were Human (#1)
Now We Are Monsters (#2)

All Beasts Together (#3)
A Method Truly Sublime (#4)

No Sorrow Like Separation (#5)
In This Night We Own (#6)

All  That We Are (#7)

The Ancillary Books

Of these, "Focus", "All Conscience Fled" and "No Chains Shall Bind Me" are all novel length; the rest are collections of short pieces that tie into the main novels.

["Focus" is a series prequel, "Folio One" and "All Conscience Fled" follows "Once We Were Human", "Folio Three" follows "Now We Are Monsters", "Folio Four" follows "All Beasts Together", "Folio Five" follows "A Method Truly Sublime", "Folio Six" and "No Chains Shall Bind Me" follows "No Sorrow Like Separation", "Folio Eight" follows "In This Night We Own" and "Folio Nine" follows "All That We Are".]

Focus (Series Prequel)

The Good Doctor's Tales 1
All Conscience Fled (Folio 2)

The Good  Doctor's Tales 3
The Good Doctor's Tales 4

The Good Doctor's Tales 5
The Good Doctor's Tales 6

No  Chains Shall Bind Me (Folio 7)
The Good Doctor's Tales 8

The Good Doctor's Tales 9