The Wilderness of Mirrors (Book 7 of "The Cause")

Renegade Arm Sylvia Bass turns the juice itself against the Cause.  Faced with threats from within and without, the Cause faces destruction if Carol can't find solutions for the barrage of problems she faces.  Available through Amazon and Smashwords.

The renegade Arm Sylvia Bass switches to guerilla war style attacks after the destruction of her army.  Inciting chaos, disorder and betrayal, the number of problems and disasters rise, threatening to overwhelm the Cause.  Most at risk are Arm Dolores Sokolnik and her household, facing a juice-based attack unlike anything the Transform community has ever faced before.  The Arm Carol Hancock faces her own challenges, problems striking at the heart of her family and organization, greatly weakening her ability to lead and threatening to fatally fracture the Cause.